Hi everyone!

I’d like to formally introduce myself as the CEO and founder of INTRVL. I began my fitness journey when I joined the military in 2012. I was nowhere close to the perceived image of a “fitness and health expert”. I was out of shape, suffered from body dysmorphia and had little to no confidence within myself. With years of knowledge through various fitness trainers and research I was able to manage the unit fitness program that included 180+ personnel. After 10 years of service, I launched INTRVL to cater and empower individuals to obtain their goals through fitness. Fitness has been therapeutic and healing. It has built my confidence up and my wish is that it will do the same for others.

“INTRVL” derives from the term “interval”; a space between two points. In interval training there are high and low points which are correlated to everyday life circumstances. We live by the motto “Relentless”, or someone who refuses to give up. I strive to encourage and push others to their full potential with the help of our efficient supplementation.